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FinnXMarcy FinnXMarcy 11 January 2019

Episode 6 (what if script)

(Based on the original script, before the wreck of HMS Terror was found on September 12th, 2016).


INT. Erebus FITZJAMES' CABIN -- Night.

Fitzjames, Lieutenant H. T. D. Le Vesconte, and Dr. Stanley sit at the table waiting for the officers of the Terror to arrive. The Dining Room table is only lengthened to one-half bigger for the remaining officers of both ships.

TITLE CARD: January, 1848

Edmund Hoar waits with the tea to serve to the officers. Three tea cups are in front of the Erebus' officers present for the meeting and are empty.

There is a knock at the door which draws Fitzjames' attention and Hoar puts down the pot of tea to open the door, the face of Lieutenant Hodgson is seen.


"Lieutenant, please come in."

Fitzjames, Le Vesconte, and …

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