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Gore is the second episode in AMC's The Terror.


After a long winter trapped in the ice, scouting parties are sent out in search of open water. One of the teams makes a frightening discovery.


In Spring 1847, after a winter stranded in the ice, Erebus and Terror remain stuck. Sir John Franklin sends out sledge parties to find open water leads through the ice. In the past, Sir John and Crozier had once been friends, but in England Sir John had denied Crozier permission to propose marriage to his niece due to his Irish background, and Franklin's refusal to see any other point of view than his own regrading the current situation causes their relationship to deteriorate further. The sledge party sent out to deliver a message to a cairn on King William Island accidentally shoots an Inuit man one evening mistaking him for a polar bear. As the men scramble to rescue the Inuit man, a massive, unseen creature kills their officer.

The surviving men from the party return with the wounded Inuit man and his daughter. The man is a powerful shaman and gestures to her that he is dying and that after his death she must control the "Tuunbaq." After the Inuit man dies of his wounds, the surgeon who operated on him, Mr. Henry Goodsir who was also a member of the sledge party, reports what happened and that no leads were found. He also mentions how the Inuit man apparently had his tongue removed. Crozier, Ice Master Thomas Blanky, and Dr. Alexander McDonald, the three men of the expedition who can speak Netsilik try to speak with the man's daughter but she mostly refuses and warns that if they do not leave, they will all disappear.