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Horrible From Supper is the seventh episode in AMC's The Terror.


As the men make new attempts to find rescue, a series of shocking events underscores how vulnerable and exposed their situation has become.


A flashback sequence set in 1845 shows various men joining the Arctic expedition. One of them is a young man named Cornelius Hickey who has never been seen before in any of the previous episodes.

On April 22, 1848, Captain Crozier gives the order to abandon both ships. While most are optimistic of the captain's plans, some are skeptical and express belief that abandoning the larger group to create a smaller and more mobile one would give them a better chance for survival. Crozier leaves a handful of men behind with enough supplies to last through winter and instructions on what to do if there is a thaw and the ships are able to break free from the ice. Crozier and Blanky bid farewell to their ship and the order is given to depart on foot.

One morning Cornelius Hickey observes Goodsir and Lady Silence avoiding the canned food and after witnessing the suicide of another crewmember, he realizes there is something wrong with it and begins plotting a mutiny. Later that day a patrol discovers that the rescue party sent out after Sir John's death last year was massacred only eighteen miles from the ships. Crozier chooses to keep this from the men and once they reach the mainland, Crozier informs his officers of the knowledge that lead poisoning is being caused by the tinned food and that hunting parties are to begin.

While hunting for game, Hickey, Lieutenant Irving, and a Petty Officer come across a family of friendly Netsilik who provide Irving with seal meat. Shortly after Hickey murders both Irving and the Petty Officer. Another flashback sequence set a month after the previous one reveals that the man who originally signed on as Cornelius Hickey does not show up and instead another man, the one who will eventually go on the expedition, appears to have taken his place using Hickey's name.