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Lady Jane Franklin was the wife of Sir John Franklin and aunt to Sophia Cracroft.


Sometime prior to 1845, Cracroft began to be romantically pursued by Francis Crozier, who proposed to her on two occasions. Both she and her husband disapproved of the relationship and despite Cracroft's attraction to him, she rejected his proposals both times, citing her lack of desire to marry a naval explorer and Crozier's Irish heritage and humble background.

When Sir John was selected to command an 1845 expedition in search of the Northwest Passage, Lady Jane gives her husband a pet Capuchin money named Jacko and assures him he will succeed where all others like Sir John Ross and Sir James Clark Ross has failed. After the expedition vanished, Lady Jane accompanied by Cracroft visits the Admiralty in November, 1847 where she chastises them for their inaction. She decides to take matters into her own hands and begins fundraising for a private search attempt at the London Cultural Society in 1848 with the support Charles Dickens.


  • A portrait of the real Lady Jane appears on the headboard of Sir John's bed in episode 1.
  • Lady Jane is a minor character in the original novel, appearing only in flashbacks and premonitions.