Robert Golding is a character in AMC's The Terror. He is a cabin boy on HMS Terror.

In The ShowEdit

Golding first appears in episode 1 having dinner with Thomas Evans, Cornelius Hickey, William Strong and David Young discussing about Neptune and what rank he might be.

His next appearance was in episode 4 when he told Captain Francis Crozier that Strong had been dragged away by Tuunbaq. Later in the episode when Hickey, Magnus Manson, and Thomas "Tom" Hartnell bring a kidnapped Lady Silence on board Terror, Golding suggests cutting her in half to avenge the deaths of Strong and Evans who were killed in a similar manner. Afterwards he can be seen scrubbing the deck with Harry Peglar.

In episode 5, Golding along with Hartnell are seen loading a cannon with Lieutenant George Henry Hodgson. Later the Tuunbaq attacks again and Golding is on deck with Thomas Blanky, Sgt. Solomon Tozer and other men but is forced to hide as he has no weapons. Afterwards he alongside Hartnell assist Hodgson in manning the cannon and manage to hit the creature driving it away.

He appears next in the beginning of episode 7 where he discusses with Thomas Armitage that they were informed lemon juice would prevent scurvy and if the disease gets severe enough gums can pull back and scars can dissolve opening back up. Golding, along with Armitage, Manson, Hickey, and Tozer, listen to William Gibson's idea of a proposed mutiny to split from the larger group and go on their own.

In episode 9, he speaks with Hartnell about the corpse of Thomas Honey who was killed by the Tuunbaq in an attack on their camp in the previous episode. He briefly greets John Bridgens as he's heading out into the hills to commit suicide. Golding later reports to Captain Francis Crozier, Lieutenant Edward Little, and Blanky that the Tuunbaq has been sighted not far and it's apparently trying to track them. Later in the episode, Golding reports to Little and Crozier that open water has been sighted and goes with them to scout it out. Unfortunately this turns out to be a ruse for Hickey's mutineers to capture Crozier as Golding had defected to them earlier.

Once Crozier is brought back to their camp, Hickey tries to force him into eating Doctor Henry Goodsir's corpse. When he refuses, Hickey orders Golding to stand up which prompts Crozier to relent. After the meal is done, Golding along with Crozier, Tozer, and Hodgson are chained to a sledge boat and head out into the hills to draw out the Tuunbaq for a final confrontation. Once the creature arrives, Golding tries to hide from it by crawling under the sledge but is dragged out by the Tuunbaq and killed.


  • Golding was the oldest of the ship's boys on the expedition.
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