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Season 1, the first season of AMC's The Terror, premiered on March 25, 2018 with the episode "Go For Broke." The program's first season focuses on Sir John Franklin and the ill-fated voyage of the vessel HMS Terror.[1]

This initial season of The Terror was based on a novel by the same name by Dan Simmons, who also served as an executive producer for this season.[2]

The Terror continues with its second season, shifting its focus to World War II, in The Terror: Infamy.[3]


The first season of The Terror had a strong positive reception and sits at 93% fresh on critics measured via the aggregator Rotten Tomatoes as of August 3, 2019, with 53/57 positive reviews and 16/17 fresh among those the site considers "top critics."[4] David Rooney of The Hollywood Reporter described the season as "confidently acted" and described an "impressive confidence" to the storytelling, though did note that the show was "very male-centric" and questioned whether genre fans would be accustomed to the show's high body count.[5] Asher Elbein of The Atlantic stated that the season "offers what is perhaps television's first good example of survival horror," stating that it plays with the trappings of the genre and pays careful attention to landscapes, resulting in "an overwhelming claustrophobia, even in the middle of a punishing void."[6] On August 2, 2019, looking forward towards the premiere of the show's second season, Benjamin Lindsay of Rotten Tomatoes stated that viewers would be remiss to skip out on the program's first season before tuning into the second.[7]



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The first season of The Terror is available to subscribers of Hulu[8], and is available for purchase on services such as YouTube[9] and Amazon[10] The complete first season of the series has also been released on DVD[11] and Blu-ray.[12]

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