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Terror Camp Clear is the eighth episode in AMC's The Terror.


Deaths under mysterious circumstances create paranoia among the men, and some of the crew may be considering mutiny.


Captains Crozier and Fitzjames walk to the cairn visited by Lieutenant Gore in the year before and update the message there. Afterwards, Fitzjames opens up to Crozier about his troubled personal life, including his illegitimate birth and how he joined the military seeking personal glory. Crozier appreciates his honesty and the two are able to put aside their past differences and bond as brothers.

Upon returning to camp they discover the alarm bells are ringing and one of the officers reports to Crozier that Hickey told him and his hunting party that Lieutenant Irving and Petty Officer Mr Farr were killed by the Netsilik, so his hunting party killed the Netsilik family in retaliation. Crozier is skeptical of the story and orders Hickey to take him and others back to the alleged murder site.

As they are gone, a fog rolls into camp, stoking the men's paranoia about a surprise Netsilik attack. Hickey's accomplice, Royal Marine Sergeant Tozer, open the camp's armory, and distributes weapons without proper orders. When the group returns, Fitzjames and Crozier have Lady Silence return to her people for her safety. Crozier has Goodsir conduct an autopsy on Lieutenant Irving and discovers he had recently eaten seal meat, indicating he was fed, and not attacked.

Crozier discerns that Hickey was responsible for the deaths and is planning a mutiny. He sentences Hickey and Tozer to be hanged, but the execution is interrupted by a sudden attack by the Tuunbaq, which throws the camp into pandemonium. The Tuunbaq kills many men, while Hickey and Tozer rally the mutineers, steal supplies along with a sledge, and disappear into the fog.


  • The title of this episode and the following one, were named for passages in the "Peglar papers".