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The Ladder is the third episode in AMC's The Terror.


With something stalking the ships, the expedition's commanders debate their dwindling options.


The British bury the Inuit man in the sea through a fire hole in the ice, and his daughter, nicknamed "Lady Silence" due to her refusal to speak with them, sets out to return to her people. Crozier requests Sir John Franklin about sending out a sledge party on foot to seek help but Franklin rebukes him believing there is no need and stating he is adamant on not losing anymore men while Crozier expresses concern all their men may be lost. Franklin then scolds and degrades Crozier regarding his alcoholism, depression, and insecurities stating they were never meant to be friends or family. Intending to take matters into his own hands, Crozier begins drafting a resignation letter planning to lead the party himself and leave later that evening.

Franklin joins a group of armed Royal Marines who have set up a hunting blind for what they believe is a bear that killed one of their officers, but it ambushes the group, killing a marine and Franklin, who drowns after the creature tears off his leg and tosses him into the fire hole where the British had buried the Inuit man earlier. A funeral for Sir John is held and a reluctant Crozier takes command of the expedition and sends out a rescue party bound for Fort Resolution on the Great Slave Lake around 800 miles away. Elsewhere, alone in an igloo, Lady Silence hears the creature outside and finds that it has left her a seal carcass to eat.


  • One of the original titles for this episode was The Silver Swan.


  • When Mr. Goodsir is taking the men's photograph, he uses a Soviet stopwatch.
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